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refund policy


It is IMPORTANT to us, that you, as our customer, are happy with your purchase. 

All our products are made to order and printed with our unique designs so if you are unsure about anything or have any questions then please contact us at  and we will help you.


We can only deal with issues up to 30 days after receipt of goods.  After this time your product will no longer be eligible for refund or exchange. Please see details of eligibility below.

Sizing Issues

If your boots are too small or too large please contact us within 14 days of receiving them so that we can organize to exchange them for a larger or smaller pair. We are unable to offer refunds for sizing errors, only exchanges are offered. In order for an exchange to be processed please contact our support team at  

To reduce the risk of sizing issues, we have provided accurate sizing charts on each of our product specifications pages for your reference. Please take the time to look at these before ordering. We understand that it can be difficult to choose the correct size when ordering online and shoe sizes often vary between brands so if you have any questions or doubts regarding which size to order then we are happy to help you. So please reach out to us before ordering at  


Goods must be exchanged within 30 days from receipt of goods. Once 30 days have elapsed from the receipt of goods, exchanges will no longer be accepted.


Goods eligible for exchange must be unworn and in new condition. 

Items in used condition or showing any signs of wear are not eligible for exchange. 

We’re all human and mistakes can happen! 

When you purchase from us, it's important to us that you are 100% satisfied with your product. We do our best to ensure product quality and order accuracy. In rare instances, you may receive a damaged item, a poor-quality printed item, or an incorrect product. When this happens, we’ll replace or refund your purchase to ensure your 100% satisfaction.  We can only deal with product fault issues up to 30 days after you receive your product. So please do contact us as soon as possible. 

Items are Damaged or have Poor Quality Printing

In the unlikely event that an item is damaged or is shipped with a poor-quality print, you must send us a photograph of the poor-quality print or damaged area. We will replace any items damaged or with poor-quality printing at no additional cost. Rebel Heart Boots is not responsible for items damaged in shipping.

Wrong Product Shipped or Missing Items

If we ship the wrong product to you then send us a photo showing how the product differs from what was ordered and we will replace or refund any such items at no additional cost. If there are missing items in an order please tell us the items that are missing and we will send the missing Item.

Design Issues

If you have any other issues regarding the design printed on a product, please send us a photo. Credits, refunds, or reprints will be issued at the sole discretion of Rebel Heart Boots. If the printed design differs substantially from our artwork we will investigate every case and will work to provide a resolution that satisfies you.

Changes to Address

When you purchase from us it is important that we are able to send you your product as quickly and as efficiently as possible to the correct address. To enable us to do this please double-check on ordering that you input the correct address. 

If you think you have made a mistake or need to make any changes to the address you have given us when making your order you must contact us within 24hrs on 

As all our products are made to order, specifically for you, changes can only be made within the first 24 hours of you placing your order. If changes are not made within 24hrs Rebel Heart Boots cannot accept any liability and compensation will not be granted.

Package Returned To Sender – Correct Address

If a package is returned to us, the sender, by the shipping courier, we will need to verify your address in order to reship the package to you free of charge. If the address is correct and the package is returned to us for a second time by the shipping courier, we will only be able to reship the package at a 50% fee from the Order Cost (payable by you, the buyer).

Package Returned To Sender – Missed Delivery Attempts

All missed delivery attempt orders that are returned to Sender who received notification from Rebel Heart Boots or from the carrier to contact them for a delivery arrangement will only be compensated with a 50% Refund Credit. 

Package Returned To Sender – Change Address

If a package is returned to the sender due to an Address Change and you would like us to reship the order to the new Address, there will be a fee of 50% of the Order Cost.

Package Returned To Sender – Wrong Address

If a package is returned to the sender due to wrong Address Information, Rebel Heart Boots will not be held liable and compensation will not be granted in any form. 

Lost Order – Wrong Address

Rebel Heart Boots will not refund nor assume liability for orders that are lost due to incorrect Shipping Addresses.

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